Such a ‘Weiner’

I have heard too much.  Anthony Weiner with his infamous ‘Weiner’ photo and the subsequent Twittergate has taken over the media and I personally am sick of it.  It now seems on a weekly basis we are dealing with politicians who have done wrong.  Barely off the Arnold scandal of having a love child and the blatant disrespect this man had for his family and office we are now faced with another… Weiner.  Lying through his teeth to eventually drop a ‘bombshell’ at a news conference that all the allegations are true.  We didn’t need the news conference to tell us this and we don’t need you.  Leave town buddy and take all of your other lying, cheating and disrespectful cronies with you.  Your credibility is shot.  You are done, put a fork in you and move on.  No wonder this country is such a mess.  Those who have been elected to ‘lead’ us are deceptive losers.  They think nothing of lying through their teeth and abusing their power.  Well actions have consequences and we as citizens still have the ultimate power to vote these bozos out of office.  It is a shame that when he had a chance to step down and show a shred of integrity he refused.  Isn’t his behavior an indication about how he has and will lead his constituents and this country?  If he would be so disrespectful and dishonest to his wife whom he married barely a year ago, what chance do the rest of us have?  I am fed up by all of these philandering politicians.  While you have a right to live your life as you see fit, once you step into that arena of public office there is an expectation that you will be a positive role model with some integrity.  Obviously from our daily news, that is no longer the case which now lends the question, maybe we should expect all our public officials to be dishonest, this way we won’t be so disappointed when their true colors come shining through.  It would be nice to one day see some news story about a politician people can look up to.  Someone who does good, is honest and respectful and is a positive role model.  I guess that person only exists as a myth.

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