School is out

Today is the last day of school in Naples.  The end of another year in what seems like the blink of an eye.  I always look forward to the end of school almost as much as the kids do because it means ‘free time’.  Summer is the time to do a lot of nothing.  I always relished the summers with my children as it meant lots of fun and unscheduled time.  We spend most of the year running, doing and being overscheduled.  The pace that life seems to exist at is by far much faster than when I was a child.  I yearn for the days when if you wanted to do nothing you didn’t have to.  The summers of playing stickball with the neighborhood kids and endless weeks to eat ice cream, drink iced tea and swim.  So as school has ended and my ‘baby’ is officially a junior in high school, I will enjoy this moment. Although we have plans that take us near and far with lots of things to look forward to school is over.   We will enjoy our free time because before we know it in the blink of an eye,  fall will be here and our schedule will once again be full.  Happy summer to all!

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