62 Years of Marriage……Happy Anniversary!

Today, June 12, is my parents 62nd wedding anniversary.  Sixty two years is a long time and a feat that most people will never accomplish with today’s current divorce rate around fifty percent.  My parents are from a different generation of people who understood sacrifice.  Depression era kids, they knew poverty and worked hard to give their family a better life;  a life not as hard as theirs was.  I have watched my parents with amazement throughout my life, for they are my role models and my heroes.  Although they have had their share of arguments, these are only a difference of opinion.  They soon forget what their differences are about and share what they appreciate in each other.  They love and respect each other, and treat others around them with that same love and respect.   I am lucky to have my parents and my children are even luckier to have their grandparents.  My daughters treasure them with all their idiosyncrasies and my son unfortunately, has chosen to miss out on an incredible gift that not many have.  Even though I now live in Florida and my parents live in New York, we stay connected and close.  Distance does not diminish the love of family and although today is the day we recognize as a special day for them, when you have made it through 62 years of marriage and eighty some odd years of life, everyday is cause for a celebration!  Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad!

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