Chasing Dreams

We’ve been told dream big, but how?

Dream Big!

With years comes experience. When I first started blogging over a decade ago, social media was in its infancy & the way to grow readership & my vision was sharing my blog through channels like Reddit & email subscriptions. Fast forward to today. There are large social media platforms to tap into & a whole new world of people, pages & great content available; a way to raise awareness, grow businesses, share a vision & realize your dreams. I can connect with charities, companies & people world wide & share my blog, my charity & my business with a huge audience.

With over a 100 prior posts, it doesn’t take someone long to recognize, I am a glass half full kind of person. An eternal optimist who looks for solutions & takes defeat as a chance to grow and learn. I have finally come to the conclusion that this ‘can do’ attitude is in my DNA as my father, in his 90’s God Bless him, is still doing projects, supporting charities & always talks about his long term plans. He still dreams big & works each day to realize them. This is the heritage I hail from & I count my Blessings. I believe anything is impossible & start each day with a mission, purpose & a check list which is my daily calendar. This helps keep me focused & is a way to measure my accomplishments when I get to check things off.

I have done this for years & I consider myself accomplished. I measure my successes by the number of people I have worked with, mentored, helped & the incredible people who are my friends. People who share my vision, passions & support them. What I have learned is the people who I once considered my friends years ago are mostly gone now. My ‘forever’ friends did not share my vision & passion & would not stand by me as my life took some really uncomfortable twists & turns. When I needed them the most, they were gone. How is that for learning about your choice of friends? What it did teach me however, is surround yourself with people who believe in you & you will raise each other up. My friends today are optimists & dream big. People who share common visions, goals or just appreciate life around an unconventional optimist, they too work each day with focus & purpose to realize their dreams. With this inspiring group of people, I am learning, collaborating , thinking & dreaming big with them. Their can do attitude is just as contagious as my own & I love it.

My dreams have always been about supporting community & helping others. I want others to accomplish their dreams as they aspire to fix problems, grow businesses & change the world. What I have noticed about them that reaffirms what I already believe, they don’t back down they just do it. A great idea is wonderful, but it’s the action that gets things done. Just like good habits of working out, eating right or keeping your life organized, the only way to realize any dream is to put a plan in action & never give up. It takes at least 21 days of continual practice to form a new habit. Achieving goals is manifested through hard work & continual application. Me & my team remain focused, driven & work each day to achieve them. Set backs, of which their are many, do not stand in the way of continuing. There will always be setbacks, this is part of the process. Without defeat we would never appreciate success, so we try & keep trying everyday.

Dream big is an optimists rallying call. I hope everyone aspires to reach their full potential & does so with determination & a plan. Surround yourself with those who believe in you & always believe in yourself. From a small seed a mighty oak will grow, so plant your seed & start nurturing your dreams!

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