Make ‘Em Laugh

Have you heard that laughter is the best medicine? On its surface that may sound flip & you may ask what does that mean? Will laughing at something makes it all better? Does laughter heal hurt feelings or rights a wrong? The answer is no it won’t do that. What laughter does however, is gives us a chance to release sadness, stress or worry for even a moment while enjoying a chuckle. It can distract & break up tension at a time when stress or sadness may be overwhelming.

Living is very funny, it just depends on your view. Perception is our way of looking at a situation & how we process. It is closely tied too empathy, the ability to see & appreciate things from another’s point of view. The seriousness of things in the world has plunged many people into deep sorrow, anxiety & despair. It is very easy to become overwhelmed & feel hopeless just from reading a newspaper. Today more than ever, laughter is needed to break the tension & relieve some of the anxiety so many of us experience in daily life.

While a good belly laugh will not make life easier, it can help relieve some tension & redirect our attention to living in the moment. What are you dealing with that has you overwhelmed? Focus on the simple things in your life & then do them. Playing with kids & grandkids, spending time with friends & neighbors, favorite hobbies, clubs & unplugging & getting out doors to soak up some sunshine can all bring joy & probably a laugh or two. Some of my funniest moments have been doing the simplest of things that make me happy. The rewards of spending time unplugged, disconnected from big issues & being able to enjoy simple things, brings some of the greatest joy & stress free moments that we all need so desperately. So go do something fun & don’t forget to laugh!